Angel, Jade and Astrid - Year 5

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Connaught Junior School

Angel 5S

On Saturday at 1pm myself and Freddie were selling the produce from our school garden area at our Summer Fayre. We were pretending we were on a market stall and were shouting out,                    ‘Eat your greens, they are healthy’. My dad gave a donation for coriander and it is being served in Hardy’s the restaurant, the customers love it! I am looking forward to our next harvest.

Jade 5S

On Friday we picked all of the wonderful produce that was ready, it was really exciting. I was in charge of putting the rocket into bags ready for the Summer Fayre. I really like gardening and it is much nicer than the supermarkets.

Astrid 5S

On Friday I helped pick all of the vegetables that were ready. I had lots of jobs and they were all great:  I washed the rocket and spinach, helped put the peas into bags, cut the coriander and watered other things that were still growing. I got rather wet washing the rocket especially!!!

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