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Petersgate Infant School

We had a busy last half-term in the garden catching up after the summer holidays.  We were still producing tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse thanks to the auto-pot watering system.  We also used the greenhouse to dry our onions.  We had great crops of Cara and  Deisree potatoes some of which we used with our multi-coloured carrots to make a salad.  We have stored the rest of the potatoes in paper sacks and have tried storing some carrots in damp sand (though they have still been nibbled by woodlice!)  We also had loads of runner and french beans some of which we gave away and the rest are in the freezer.  We are now in the process of " putting the garden to bed" for the winter but have managed to plant some onions, garlic and broad beans.  We still have some plants in the ground such as the parsnips, kale and brussesls sprouts which we will use as we need them for cooking over the next few weeks.

Since returning after half-term we have had a "Tudor Week" and Year 1's made a pottage with some of the vegetables we had left and  which went down a treat.  We have also planted some more apple trees in the school orchard with Year R and the Gardening Club planted a couple in the vegetable growing area.

We will only have a few more outside sessions now before winter sets in but we are already planning and preparing for next Spring. 

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