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Hurst Lodge School

This week in the polytunnel, everything is continuing to grow and flourish!

As a 6th form, we have been given the task of looking after it and all the vegetables growing in it, and it’s been very successful, every day a couple of members of the 6th form go out and make sure there is enough water for the plants and picking out any of the dead vegetables..

Having said that, we do get to pick the vegetables that are ripe, and this week we have picked loads of ripe, juicy and succulent tomatoes, which we have given to the kitchen…making Helen and her team really happy, I have a feeling that we are now in their good books!!

We will be continuing to let you know how the polytunnel is getting along, and hopefully will be able to show you some pictures of it at some point in the future.

Looking forward to keeping you up to date,

Kelly Wright Warhurst,

6th Form

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