Brrrr - Winter's here!

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Hurst Lodge School
This week the weather took its toll.  The hose pipe froze solid causing its spray nozzle to be ejected with the force of a small exorcet missile.  The garden club members valiantly braved the -1 degrees only to discover that the bags of potting compost were frozen into blocks of iron and the trowels and forks had been firmly secured into the soil in the same manner as Excalibur had been wedged into its stone.  We dragged several weighty bags of frozen compost into the polytunnel and are now waiting for them to thaw before attempting to sow cauliflower, leek and flageolet beans. 
Year 7 made a good stab at reassembling the automated watering system and succeeded rather to their surprise to complete most of it.  The only problems were one or two missing pale blue attachment screws and a number of decayed connector cables.  These are now on order and we look forward to turning the system on.  This week they considered composting and the correct chemical processes required to enable the breakdown of organic materials.  The younger age group studied worms and woodlice and refilled the birdfeeders with home made bird suet in time to participate in the RSPB's Spring Birdwatch.
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