Do you post safety guidelines at the site or in the classroom?

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Barton Mills Jr Allotment Club

Allotment Garden Safety Guidelines


Always inspect your tools BEFORE using them for damage (splinters, loose, bent, or cracked handles)

 If a tool fails your inspection, remove it from use.


Do not use garden tools taller than you. 

Walk with tools facing down, by your side and be sensible.


Stand with your back straight when using long-handled tools such as hoes, rakes, and shovels.


When picking up heavy items, maintain a straight back, bend your knees, firmly grasp the object, and slowly lift with your legs.

Wear protective clothing to prevent cuts, burns, & bites:



Use eye protection with any tool that causes flying, crumbling, chipping, or sparking debris.



Drink plenty of water while gardening.



When finished, clean your hand tools and store them in the garden shed. Then, wash your hands.

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