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Petersgate Infant School

We've had a great time in the garden this season.  In spite of the dry weather earlier on everything has been growing madly.  We've had plenty of radishes, beetroot, lettuce, strawberries (none of which made it back to the classroom), courgettes, broadbeans, early potatoes and carrots.  Thanks to the Aquaboxes in the greenhouse our tomatoes and peppers are coming along well and we've already had lots of cucumbers.  There's still plenty of carrots, onions, potatoes, spinach, squashes and raspberries for later on and the brussels sprouts and swede are coming up nicely.  We have also done lots of cooking and had plant and veg sales recently.  I shalle pop in to keep an eye on things over the summer holidays and hopefully we'll be off to a good start in September. 


Enjoy your own summer hols.

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