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Connaught Junior School

The children have been really busy during Gardening Club which takes place after school on Thursdays. They have planted a range of crops for the winter season including: elephant garlic, broad beans, lettuce and cabbage.

Below are some of the children’s views about Gardening Club:

 Izzy: Gardening club is really fun because you get to plant, grow and water things.

Freddie : I really enjoy getting mucky and I like planting and watching the crops grow.

Angel: I like taking the produce home that we have grown and having the facilities to grow things in our school.

Georgia: I like planting new crops and getting nice and dirty!

Thea: I like planting the seeds the best because your hands get really muddy.

Sophie: It is great because you get to see the food grow!

Molly: Gardening is really fun and we get to do lots of things, we also get really grubby.
Maddy: The club is great because we get to go home and cook some of the produce we have grown.

Grace: You get to plant lots of food and you learn new skills. I have even got a gardening patch at home now!

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