Little Growers and Nemasys Partnership... would you like to be involved for free?

Posted by: Heather Pearl (Staff)

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Heather Pearl (Staff)

Little Growers is lucky enough to be working in partnership with Nemasys for the forthcoming growing season, they have offered to supply Little Growers schools with their great products free of charge. Nemasys are naturally occurring microscopic worms found in the soil, that naturally control pests. The nematodes are watered into the soil and control your pest problems whether slugs, caterpillars or weevils etc. They are one hundred percent organic and naturally found in gardens. They will control your pest problems entirely, using a completely natural, safe and sustainable method. They are perfect for use in schools because until pesticides and chemicals which are not safe, they offer a completely child friendly and organic pest control solution. For more information please visit their website at: This has lots of information about the various products they offer. Little Growers can offer your school these products free of charge, the only thing we ask is photos and an overview of how you found using the product so that we can provide feed back to Nemasys.

The Nematodes would be posted to the school and must be kept refrigerated and used within their expiry date. This is the main aspect to be aware if you wish to take part in the project.

If you are interested in becoming part of this great project please do email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and let me know asap. I will then liaise with the company about shipment of your Nematodes and which specific pests you require help with.

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