Maldivian Littlegrowers first project

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Little Growers in the Maldives

Maradhoofeydhoo School in Addu city became the first school to start Littlegrowers in Maldives. Thanks to Littlegrowers UK and Autopot global, specially Jason R. Smith and Heather Pearl for there continuous support.

The students and teachers of Maradhoofeydhoo school has wowed to show a good example to others. We had a training session for teachers. The training session was conducted by the official partner of Autopot and Littlegrowers in Maldives, Mahaadheebu Business Pvt. Ltd. A very good presentation was given on the basics of Hydroponics and the magic behind Autopot. All the children and teachers were very in ecstatic mood for the kind donation from Autopot, Littlegrowers Uk and Mahaadheebu Business Pvt. Ltd. One students said that she can't wait to see the plants growing.

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