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Little Growers in the Maldives

Little Growers in Maldives is so far very successful.
Maradhoofeydhoo School: The first tomato is harvested. Each tomato weighs 100-120gram and they are selling the tomatos at the rate of Mrf35 (GBP1.4) per Kg. The school staff have bought all the harvest so far.
They have also harvested long beans from a single plant. Each bean had a length of 2ft and weighs more than 100gram per bean.
The cut out stems from the tomato plants were planted in the school yard in soil and is growing very well.

The tomato plants are growing very well and it is very successful.

Hithadhoo School: Plants are growing very well with beans plants blooming. Tomato plants also is ready to bloom

Feydhoo School: The plants are ready to bloom

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