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Our Lady of Perpetual Succour RC Primary

Year 1 have started propagating seeds in their classroom for planting later. They have planted broad beans, sunflowers, parsley and poppies.

We've had some lovely weather this week and it is amazing how much new growth has appeared in and around the garden area. The new strawberry plants have survived the freezing winter and all the fruit bushes and trees are beginning to bud.

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Heather Pearl (Staff)
Heather Pearl (Staff)
March 14, 2011
That is great to hear, we too have been propagating seeds in the office including runner beans, herbs, pumpkins and courgettes. It is great to see that Spring is finally on its way and the growing can really begin... Do keep us updated as and when the seedlings develop. Are you focusing on a riased bed grow area this year or is there a polytunnel also? Good Luck!

Our Lady of Perpetual Succour RC Primary
Our Lady of Perpetual Succour RC Primary
July 04, 2011
After a burst of decent weather our plants are beginning to look quite healthy! Unfortunately we lost all our pumpkin plants, I've no idea how but they just vanished from the raised bed they were in. No sign that they were eaten.... most odd! The runner beans are growing well and also the courgettes. We have had a good crop of salad leaves which the kitchen staff have been utilising. The new fruit plants have offered up a few gooseberries so far... we are hoping for much more next year! It is also looking like we will get a good crop of potatoes.
All our plants are in raised beds and unfortunately we don't have a polytunnel or greenhouse, but the school entrance is like a conservatory and very useful for starting off our new seedlings! assets/smilies/cool.gif