The seeds arrive!

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Barton Mills Jr Allotment Club

The seeds have arrived, the seeds have arrived!” enthusiastically shouts a youngin' in the group who has just spied Helen walking up the path towards them with a large brown paper bag in her arms. As Helen tips the contents of the bag on the table, the children grab at the packets of seeds. ‘Wow look at these…pumpkins, they’re huge!’, ‘I’ve got….what’s that?’ says another. Just holding these packets of seeds makes you feel good, ‘cos you know in a few short months you will be out on the allotment, hands in the soil, helping these children see the wonder of growing and tasting their own veg. 

When can we get started?”, Olivia asks. Right now, we say! Spreading the packets of seeds on the table, we begin...  

First: We organize the seeds. (we spread out on the table, pages from a calendar) As the children scoop up the seeds, we tell them we are going to put the seed packets on the month that the seeds need to be planted. “How will we know?”, Tom asks.  We show them the instructions on each seed packet. “Flip it over, do you see where it say’s Sow?” lots of pointing of fingers and heads nodding in unison. Good, we’re half way there! The children begin talking among themselves. Soon, they are racing around the room to find the month their seeds should be planted. At first, there’s some reluctance to let go of their packet but when they realise there are lots more seeds to go on the calendar, they’re off.

Second: We write down our findings. Everyone steps back and looks at the calendar – some months are filled with seeds, especially March, April and May, but a few months are empty. Abbi, the oldest JAC member, writes the veg on the calendar page and then hands it to the younger ones to put the seed packets into shoeboxes sorted by months. We put the calendar back together and promise to hang it in the allotment shed for everyone to see. All sorted.

 I can’t wait until April!” says Bella. “Don’t worry”, says Liz, “we’re going to plant some sweet peas later this month and make an insect hotel”. Whoops of ear splitting joy fill the room.

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