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Phew, What a day.

A colleague at work was able to procure a turf cutting machine for a fraction of the normal cost.  It's not what you know, it's who you know I guess.  Anyway, I needed to clear an area 15' x 45' of turf for the new poly-tunnel.  The machine arrived first thing this morning.  Luckily I have a couple of none-contact lessons on Monday morning, so I was able to utilise this time getting to grips with this contraption.  What an inovation!  After a few initial gripes learning the idiosyncrasies of the machine, it was full steam ahead.

With the invaluable assistance of William and Ashley (Post 16 students) we cut, rolled and lifted the entire area before lunch.  Without the turf cutting machine, this would probably have taken weeks.  Anyone wishing to shift a significant amount of turf should take heed,  Get a turf-cutter.  Makes the job so much quicker.  It's still hard work, very hard work, but gets the job done in a fraction of the time.

I got into teaching to escape hard work.  My body is aching, my hands are dirty and my back is sore.  Time to break-out the Radox.  What the heck, the job got done.

Checked the pond this morning.  Was so pleased to see Mr Newt swimming about, flamboyant in his breeding season attire, crest et-al.  Didn't see Mrs Newt though.  Hopefully she's busy laying eggs in the weeds, or maybe she's bashful.  The frogspawn seems to be developing well and hopefully, within the next few days, the tadpoles will hatch.

Time to pour a well earned glass of wine, and run the bath.


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