Vegetable beds and butterflies

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Crawley Ridge Junior School

We have successfully transplanted courgettes and lettuces into our new vegetable beds, which were grown from seed in our mini greenhouses. Further vegetables will be added in the next few days. We have harvested our first handful of strawberries and our first 4 onions which were given to the school kitchen to include in the school dinners. On Monday we will harvest some of the cabbages and broad beans both of which are also destined for the school lunches.

Each class has been taking very good care of its pot of caterpillars, all of which have now successfully turned into chrysalis form. The first five butterflies were released by 6S this afternoon!

Environmental club has taken part in the National Bug Count - we spent time investigating various parts of our school grounds and found ladybirds, crickets, grasshoppers, wasps, bees and spiders. These results have now been added onto the survey website.

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