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Manor High School

Managed to purchase a couple of water butts today and our Construction Dept' were able to install them on each side of the shed.  Hopefully this will solve the irrigation problem.

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Heather Pearl (Staff)
Heather Pearl (Staff)
April 19, 2011
Firstly Congratulations to Manor High School and you for your proactivity on blogging!! You have earned over 50 points on the Little Growers Online Community which means that you qualify for a free AQUAbox Spyder, this is the irrigation system designed for raised beds that we have discussed previously. Below is a link that shows you how it works, it can irrigate an area of around 1.2 metres square however we have found that you can irrigate up to 1.5 square metres in recent schools we have visited.


We will happily send you your AQUAbox Spyder in the post or you can continue to save your points for an easy2grow kit which is for use in greenhouses and polytunnels. The easy2grow kit detailed below is 100 points so it is up to you which you would rather go for, just let me know.


Well done to Manor High, I look forward to hearing from you about which irrigation system you would prefer and hearing how things are coming along at Manor High… are you still thinking of installing some AutoPot irrigation systems in the near future?