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Posted by: Heather Pearl (Staff)

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Heather Pearl (Staff)

Welcome to the all new and updated Little Growers website and Online Community.  We have set up the Online Community for the following reasons:


  •  To allow schools across the world to upload photos and videos of their growing projects and write about their experiences of getting children growing in school.  This will allow you to document your progress easily and quickly, acting as an interactive portfolio of your gardening club.


  • To encourage schools to contact one and other about their horticultural clubs and experiences.  The messaging feature is simple and will allow you to share your knowledge with other schools and build partnerships with them that will develop your growing projects even further!


  • Every time you upload a photo, video or write a piece of text describing what you have been up to you earn your school points (chillies).  The more chillies you earn you can then offset these to gain free equipment for your school.  Not only do we you document your progress and have a permanent online diary of your project but you gain free equipment while you are doing it, so get posting!


  • And finally... as a charity Little Growers has to provide evidence and proof of our work around the UK and the rest of the world to our funders and potential investors.  The Online Community is therefore invaluable to us as a way of recording and proving that our projects are growing successfully and doing well.  Happy writing schools, we can't wait to see the results!

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