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Hi Sharaa......Of course you can grow your own plants...if you need any help please let me know and I will help you where I the way how is the growing going at your everything looking nice and healthy.....Josh....

 Hi Josh, I teach prekindergarten in Texas and was wondering if Little Growers has an interest in coming to the US. I have been interested in starting a garden project at my school and came across your website. This sounds like a perfect way to get something started. How can we get Little Growers to Texas?! - Posted by Jan

Hi Jan......I think Heather has emailed you.....but if you need more information please let her know....

 Hi Josh, I'm moving to another school and would like to have the same gardening project there, I have enjoyed it so much that I dont want to leave it behind. How can I get it at my new school? Thanks Angel - Posted by Angel

Hello Mrs Morrison......I beleive you have spoken to Heather and all is now sorted out.....Josh...

 Hi Josh, I have designed and developed the Green Circle Garden for those with limited mobility for both the young and old. I have donated several of these garden planters to disabled children's schools and they have been met with great enthusiasm by the students. I would be grateful if you could please let me know what you think of these innovative gardens and if there is any possibility in including disabled children's schools in your educational gardening campaign.? Is this something you are looking into? I look forward to hearing from you in due course, Kindest Regards, Ian Armour - Posted by Ian Armour

Hi Ian, Thanks for getting in contact, I have had a look at the Green Circle Planters and they look like a great idea, congratulations. We do with schools where the children have a range of special educational needs and we would be happy to discuss this with you. Please email to chat this over. I would love to hear in more detail how the planters work and the projects you have worked with so far. Good Luck and happy growing! Josh

 I've tried to activate our account, but I either get an invalid account message, saying have you used your activation link, or if I try to use that link, it says this is an invalid link, possibly because the account is already activated. Help! - Posted by Kate Brayne

Hi Kate, thanks for getting in contact and apologies for the difficulties you have experienced. I have looked at the account and it is now active. We look forward to hearing about your project and feel free to ask questions on the Online Community, we always answer and teachers often take part too. Happy Growing!

I belong to an organization that works in various regions of Haiti and it seems to me this would be a great thing to get started there in rural areas, towns and cities, in orphanages and schools.. I am quite interested in learning about this in much greater detail. Thanks! - Posted by john

Hi John, We couldn't agree more, Little Growers would be a great initiative to get underway in Haiti. If you could email with more information she will be happy to help you. Thanks for getting in contact this sounds like a potentially really exciting project!

Hi Josh, i am a volunteer at our local childrens nursery. This year we built a huge sweet pea wigwam, a pumpkin arch, and various kinds of peas & beans, plus lots of other fun bits. The chilren love their new garden and it has proved to be very successful especially eating the produce and giving the sweet peas to their mums. Can we get involved in the little growers project, or are we too little?? We go to nursery school near Barnstaple in North Devon and would love to be involved in 2012. Thank you. - Posted by linda

Dear Linda, thank you for your question! It sounds like you've had great success so far, well done to all involved. Little Growers are always happy to help where we can, whether through advice, donation of equipment (where funds are available) or sourcing equipment at reduced rates on behalf of schools and nurseries. If you could send an email to with details of what you would like to achieve and the scale of equipment you would like, she will have all the info you need. Good luck and happy growing! Josh

Hello Josh, I am a science teacher in Brooklyn N.Y.C. I am currently in the process of starting a school garden and green house. Due to the cold winters in New York and the fact that the students are on vacation during the summer growing season I would need a system that can endure extreme weather conditions in order to create a year round experience. Please contact me with any information or suggestions that could help me get started with Little Growers Thanks, James. - Posted by James Caulfield

Dear James Thank you for contacting Little Growers, we love to hear from schools outside of the UK! The environmentally friendly irrigation systems from AutoPot we supply to all our projects are suitable for all climates whether tropical or very cold! We have tested them in countries such as the Maldives and they survive the snow and ice of the British winters. So in terms of irrigation equipment we are confident thsi would be fine for your project. The climate will obviously affect what crops you can grow at different times and the greenhouse can help you overcome these hurdles. We would be keen to discuss thsi further with you and help where we can, please email us Many Thanks Josh

Hi Josh, We are a Community Group of mums and dads working very hard to help improve facilities etc. for our children. We are on with a Sensory Garden Project at the moment, We run a Gardening Club every week at our Primary School, we also work closely with our children's Centre. Just recently Little Growers was brought to our attention, and what a wonderful idea, it is exactly what we had in mind as part of our Sensory project. Is it possible for the Mums of Looe Group to apply for the set up/register, but of course with the permission of our Primary School to do so? Kind regards, Katrina - Posted by Mums Of Looe working in partnership with Looe Primary School (Katrina Ring)

Dear Katrina, Thank you for getting in contacting with Little Growers. Your project sounds absolutely brilliant, its great to see different groups within a community coming together through growing. Little Growers would love to have you on board, the first step would be to register for our Online Community. This allows you to earn points for every update or photograph you upload. You can then use your points to gain free horticultural equipment. The community also allows you to see what other schools are doing and ask questions to Little Growers staff and other schools. If you have any further questions at this stage please do email Thanks again Little Josh!

Hi Josh, I would like to discuss a project our Company is working on that might fit nicely with your little growers scheme, I'd like to discuss this further but cannot find a phone number for you. Please can you email me a contact name a telephone details so that we can discuss and see if we can work together? Thanks, Sharon MacGregor - Posted by Sharon MacGregor

Hi Sharon, Thank you for getting in contact with Little Growers it is always great to hear from interested companies, we are open to partnerships and have had some great results by working in collaboration with other organisations. If you could email me at or my work mobile is 07891110666. I look forward to hearing from you.

 Hi Little Growers, your work looks brilliant! My school is in the Surrey area, do you have any projects I could go and look at, to see first hand how it works? Then we can look at trying Little Growers for ourselves? Thanks Sarah - Posted by Helen

Hi Sarah, we have several projects in the Surrey area and they are our flagship projects so you're in luck as you will be able to see some great example of the Little Growers work. Whereabouts are you based? If it is near the Bagshot area I would be more than happy to meet you and show you round a school and explain first hand what Little Growers is all about. If you email at and we can organise a visit asap. Many Thanks

Hey Josh! I would like to start the Little Growers project on Kigali, Rwanda. I am a Kenyan living and working there and I must say there is no variety of food! The local people do not grow lots of vegetables and they believe fruits are for babies! I think the project will be beneficial to the children who will be involved and the community as a whole. Not only will it help in improving their diet but also financially. Please let me know what I would require and what support I can get from you. Thank you! - Posted by Anne Kigada

Dear Anne Thank you for getting in contact with Little Growers. We are currently developing projects all over the world, not just the UK and are always keen to embrace new projects such as the one you mentioned. The Little Growers concept works extremely well in countries such as Africa due to the climate and need for home grown, reliable crops in local communties. The AutoPot irrigation systems we install as part of a project are ideal because they require no electricty or pumps and can be extended to suit any needs. They ensure the crops are fed and watered for several days at a time. We are keen to help in any way we can so please email with more information about the prospective project, whether it would be run by a school, number of people involved etc. And Little Growers would be happy to help, we are extremely keen to become involved and help within Africa so thank you for contacting us.

Hi Josh I am starting a gardening club at my school and think little growers could really help us. How do we get involved and register? - Posted by Emma

Hi Emma, Thank you for your interest in Little Growers. We would suggest two things, firstly register your school at the Little Growers Online Community. Within the community you will have your own schoolprofile where you can update text and photographs to document your gardening progress. Each time you upload something into your profile you receive points which you can then use to gain free equipment. Click on the following link to join up and regularly update us on your progress, you will also be able to see what other schools are up to and message them to share advice and tips. Please also email with your details and telling us about your project and she will be more than happy to help in any way she can. Good Luck! Josh

Hi, is it possible for us to get involved with little growers as Home Educators. I educate my three kids aged 10, 9 and 6 at home and they love projects relating to gardening. Many thanks. Sandra Tellyn. - Posted by Sandra Tellyn

Hi Sandra, Little Growers works with many different children and is always happy to explore new projects, including Home Educators. As a first step you can join the Online Community, this will allow you to upload your progress and communicate with other schools/teachers/students around the UK. In terms of equipment we are awaiting news on a funding bid at so are not setting up new projects free of charge at present. However we can supply equipment to you at wholesale and reduced rates due to our charitable status. The equipment we use works both in school and at home, the Little Growers concept has been proven to work extremely well in both environments. I hope this helps and if you have any more questions please contact me at: Many Thanks

Hi I've only just learnt about Little Growers can you please email me some more information about the project. It looks brilliant our school would really love to be involved. Many Thanks - Posted by Tim

Hi Tim, we have sent you an email with more information on the scheme and how you become involved. Thank you for your query and if you have any more question please don't hestitate to contact us at: Happy Growing!

Hi Josh! We've just registered our school with the Little Growers Online Community, but are having troubles logging in and cannot work out why? We'd appreciate any help you can provide with this. Thank you! - Posted by Anthony

Hi Anthony! The registration has to be approved by the Litte Growers Staff before you are able to log in. This is a security measure and ensures that only schools that are involved with Little Growers are able to use the Online Community. Please keep an eye on your email as you should be receiving confirmation of activation shortly! All the best... Little Josh!

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